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Game controller is a must-have accessory for any mobile gamers. That’s why there are a lot of different models on the market. Below are 7 of the best bluetooth game controllers for Android, organized into a single list. While some of the names below are here due to incredible deals regarding their price, other represent fantastic Android and iOS specific gaming, as well as cross platform functionality that can save you time, money, and hassle working over a network of several different devices.

But first, what are good features to look for in a perfect Android game controller?

  • Solid build and beautiful design. Nobody wants a fragile controller which can be broken easily with just a drop. A good design is a plus point when buying something.
  • Button’s responsiveness. Most controllers nowadays are responsive.
  • Battery life. All controller can last over 10 hours in one full charge so you don’t need to worry about battery life.
  • Official support app. It makes mapping controller to Android device and configuring easier. Otherwise, you have to root your device to use 3rd-party app.
  • Total of supported games. Considering how large Android market is and how many Android versions are out there, it is hard for a controller to support all games. Choosing the one with the most support makes your gaming life on mobile easier.

With these in mind, let’s get started!

Gamesir G4

Check price & reviews on Amazon

It, not a very famous brand name that has got the fame and trust for years. The good reviews and reports from game sites created me the trust. The name “made in China” manufacturer is printed right on the side of the box. It’s the only similarities with other import controllers. The rock solid and hard plastic display box looks nicer. The nice rubber texture over the outer handles provides a perfect ergonomic feel. Buttons raised gives a nice clicky feel. The analog sticks feel solid with perfect resistance. It is compact in your hand. Your fingers fall exactly on the triggers without feeling uncomfortable.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System

Check price & reviews on Amazon

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System has been priced really low many times on Amazon, making it an excellent quick grab. With a single app that allows you to explore all games at once, the MOGA Mobile Gaming System is designed around having everything work though its software. In addition to having an extendable arm that holds the device in place, it provides a range of controls and options for changing what the buttons do.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System has a bit of a checked past. People either love it or hate it. For Android, it has several advantages. It is very inexpensive and it offers controls that are far better than touch screen controls. In addition, it does a really good job holding the phone. What people do not like about the controller is that it is quite challenging to set up and the Bluetooth support is spotty at best. Finally, it uses AAA batteries instead of rechargeable, making it a relic among the controller industry. Still, because it is so inexpensive, it is still one of the best controllers for Android.

The Nyko Playpad Pro

Check price & reviews on Amazon

The Nyko Playpad Pro is one of the less expensive controllers on our list of 7. Despite the low cost, it still manages to be one of the best game controllers for the Android platform. And, unlike the MOGA Mobile Gaming System listed above, is still being fully supported by their company resulting in improved functionality even among the newest software. With direct and easy control with Android devices, the Nyko Playpad Pro has a great dal of support built in, allowing for keyboard mapping and mouse emulation. In addition, itslightweight design has made it a favorite among casual Android gamers.

While plastic, the controller has a great feel and is fun to use. It has some out of the box support that people appreciate, as well as some basic support for Android games that may not necessarily work well with controllers. In addition, people loved how quickly it worked out of the box. The biggest problem people had with the controller were that it had issues with falling apart. Whether it was in transport or caused by use, the Nyko Playpad has not held up well. That being said, it is still a fantastic bluetooth controller for casual gamers.

The Samsung Smartphone GamePad

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The Samsung Smartphone GamePad represents a concerted attempt by Samsung to get into the gamepad market. Designed for instant play and access to a wide range of games across Android platforms, the Samsung GamePad seeks to be a default pad that any person can pick up, use, and enjoy. With a different style and hand placement, people have responded well to the attention and care that the product designers put into the overall feel. Perfect for gaming on the go, the holding lid that also functions as a controller case provides both functional design and clean aesthetics.

One of the things people loved most about the controller was its size and how natural it was to hold. In addition, a major pro for people was the buttons, which were solidly designed and offered a good resistance. Simply put, it is a great all around game controller for Android. That being said, some people had issues with connectivity, especially with the newest versions of Android. The S6 and S6 Edge both still do not have proper full support and may lead to buttons not functioning properly when you are playing or navigating your Android device. Older devices are generally fine however.

The Fantac Wireless Bluetooth Classic 8Bitdo NES30

Check price & reviews on Amazon

With the Fantac Wireless Bluetooth Classic, you bring a familiar design to your android gaming experience. Made to look like an original Super Nintendo controller, the Fantac Classic is definitely hoping that nostalgia will win you over. With primary support for all Android versions (as well as secondary support for iOS), the Fantac Classic has programmable keys, and is typically used for touch screen devices. It is a great controller to get if you want the look and feel of the SNES controller. Its downfall is that it is kind of expensive compared to other bluetooth controllers.

What people love most of all about this controller is the look and feel. People love that it functions well, and is more than just a cheep knock off looking to make money from nostalgic design. People like how many resources there are for how to set up the controller online, as well as how reliable it is. The only complaints come from the analog sticks being less than optimal for some gamers, as well as issues with performance when playing games due to the small analog stick design. Don’t expect to play twitch shooters with any success with this controller.

The SmartOmni Controller PG-9021

Check price & reviews on Amazon

With a built in telescopic stand built into the controller itself, the SmartOmni Controller is here for your business. While a few of the competition create multi-use products that can come up short with the Android, the SmartOmni Controller specifically is designed for the Android and gaming. In addition, it also now is supported on iOS as well. With a built in lithium battery, you can play games for upwards of 20 hours before it gives out. And it is an incredible deal for what is offered.

The biggest reason people get the SmartOmni Controller is because it is lightweight, manages to still be solidly constructed, and its low price. Coming with a rechargeable battery inside, there is a nice tension on the thumbsticks and an overall feeling that time and care went into the construction of this gaming pad. That may be why the SmartOmni Controller has such high ratings overall. The biggest reasons people did not like the game pad had mostly to do with its iOS operation and compatibility issues. For the most part, the reviews for Android use are overwhelmingly positive.

The GameSir G3

Check price & reviews on Amazon

The GameSir G3 works for both Android and Android native games, as well as a few other platforms that connect through Bluetooth 4.0. With a 32-bit high-speed MCU chip, the GameSir G3 can last for upwards of 18 hours before the inbuilt rechargeable battery has to be recharged. With a 23-foot work distance, the controller allows you to get some distance away while still enjoying a connection. As a final consideration, at .42 pounds and cheap price, the GameSir G3 is a great deal when compared to the weight and price of similar controllers.

One of the biggest pros for the GameSir G3, as well as why it is rated so highly among users, is because of its solid construction. Buttons, button placement, and design are all intuitive, making it easy to pick up and use. Individuals also report that it is fantastic for gaming on the Android. While gaming is good, some customers report having major connectivity issues when playing. Beyond that however you should strongly consider the GameSir G3 if you are currently in the market for a gaming controller for your Android.

The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad

Check price & reviews on Amazon

Last on our list, the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad covers not only Android, but also Amazon Fire TV and other smart devices. With a centralized set of buttons for media controls, the Mad Catz attempts to be a one size fit all controllers for all of your media and Android needs. While this may make it less effective for the Android (if some of the functionality is unnecessary) it still provides a measure of customization. Because of this, it is rated with favorable reviews.

One of the biggest pros about the Mad Catz controller is its functionality that requires little time to set up. People love how it can work flawlessly right out of the box. So, if you just want to start gaming, then the Mad Catz may be right for you. The flawless operation is especially present in those using the Mad Catz as their gamepad for the Android. One of the biggest complaints about the Mad Catz is that while it is an ok controller, it falls short compared to the competition. The high price frequently listed makes it one of the more expensive game pads out there, and people expect it to be at least comparable to less expensive models.

Some other good gamepads

Gamesir T1s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller

I have used both this and the moga pro, and this is hands down way better. Since I prefer the PlayStation format controller, it works and is better than the moga pro. In the beginning, the controller is great in your hands, but a little bulkier than a Ps3 or ps4 controller. The analog sticks are good, they have a flat spot that are round nubs like the ps4 ones, but they work well. The R3 and L3 buttons work fine. The dpad is superb!. You can feel each direction button. It’s not like the spoon dpads that are mushy and imprecise. The main buttons light up and you can control the light intensity.

KINGAR Wireless Gamepad

This has got some specific emulators, retroarch, and MAME4DROID. These emulators work flawlessly. It is easy to map and to switch between modes. I Wish the previous controllers I bought would have worked like this. It is very much comfortable and works well with no configuration needed. All that you need to do is, plug it in and start playing. You can customize the controls, easily. I play Steam games on the big TV in my living room, in Steam’s “Big Picture” mode. It’s an awesome experience. The layout is well designed and the standard buttons work well. The design is comfortable and natural.

LESHP 3In1 Wireless Gamepad 

Oops! This is just disappointing. When I choose to buy this it looked like an ideal solution for playing PC games. Like the utility for media such as web page navigation using the glide pad, and typing in searches on the keyboard. But it was not as expected. The keyboard and glide pad works well. The left joystick performs like a mouse. The d-pad didn’t work at all, even the fire buttons, and the right stick. I couldn’t find drivers for it. Moreover, Windows 10 doesn’t recognize it as a game controller. It only recognizes it as a human interface device (HID) similar to a keyboard and mouse. So reconfigure is impossible and its disappointing for Windows 10.

Baigeda Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

Not many good things can be listed about this controller. This is mappable and there is no delay between the input and the reaction. The battery standby life is fantastic. It never dies. It works accurately with SNES and every variant of Gameboy game. Though it is not highly recommended. Though it syncs automatically, I did it manually when activated after the first time. Be careful if you are about to push the HOME button. It changes the default functions. Don’t even hit it by mistake while playing the game.

LESHP Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller with Adjustable Clip

This controller ordered to use with my Steam gaming account in particular. In the beginning, I spent more hours trying to get my wired PS3 controller to work. With the use of several different free software programs, I couldn’t succeed. I got a new 360 style controller, and it worked on the first try. Awwww!!!! Now I can play a game on my desktop laying in my bed.

Apart from the lengthy cord, there aren’t any issues with the buttons. They have a smooth action. The controller is lightweight for playing games for a long time. The vibration mode is not very powerful.


VR Remote Controller

VR SHINECON Remote Controller

It is well-built, light-weight, high-quality VR headset. It is comparable to the official google glasses. Compared with its selling price, it’s excellent and worth it.

Pros & Cons: the clip-on front holds the grip for a cellphone is a good quality one. The phone can be accessed easily. It has got efficient ventilation and avoids overheating. 2. The two changeable nobs on the right corner allow distance adjustment. Between the lenses and between the phone and lenses. This feature facilitates focus and allows near-sighted users view without glasses. The range of adjustment is not much enough.

Fortune VR Remote Controller

It performs great functions with my VR headset. It works, even more, better than the one that came with it! It is easier to use at the starting since it doesn’t take more time to make it work. The directions are simple and easy to read to turn it on and make it work! What else to say, it’s quite simple, easy, fast to get started, I am so glad in purchasing this!. This VR remote controller has enhanced the virtual reality. I am enjoying different angles and ways to interact with my VR games. I can use the gamepad and remote with my iPhone and iPad. I can control my music, and books I am reading with the controller.

Virtoba VR Remote Controller

I read the reviews of customers with Pixel XL’s couldn’t sync the controller without an update. I ordered it and I found no issues. I am damn sure that it came and my Pixel XL didn’t recognize it. Later I followed the link in the description and downloaded the necessary files. Instructions were in English/Chinese!. After downloading I loaded those files on my phone and updated the controller. It was still a headache as you had to download ES Explorer to get it to recognize the upload file! Finally, it worked on the Pixel XL. Thanks to myself for the idea update before shipping it!

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