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10+ Best Android Meditation Apps
Headspace, Inc.
  Headspace – meditation

Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques we’ll show you how to train your mind for a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life. How it works Starting with our free Take10 programme, we’ll teach you the basics of meditation in just 10 minutes a day. If you enjoy Take10 and want to learn more, then you can…

Image, Inc.
  Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Start your journey to a calmer mind with the app that’s trusted by millions and featured in the New York Times. Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs…

Rocket Nine Laboratories
  Meditation Timer Assistant

Meditation Assistant is the best meditation timer for Android. Its features (e.g., automatically setting your device to vibrate/silent while you meditate) and customization (e.g., choosing any file on your device as the start/finish/interval sound for your session) make it the ideal assistant to your meditation practice. This application will help your practice by giving you…

Meditation Oasis
  Walking Meditations

RECOMMENDED BY THE HUFFINGTON POST! Enjoy the benefits of meditation as you walk! Walking meditation can be just as profound as sitting meditation. It brings the meditative experience into daily activity. Walking meditation is perfect for those who have trouble sitting still to meditate. For those who enjoy sitting meditations, walking meditation brings a new…

Ipnos Software
  Relax Meditation: Sleep Sounds

★ MOST EFFECTIVE Sleep Aid & Meditation Franchise ★★ UP TO 102 SOUNDS including White Noise & Relaxing Music ★★ PERFECT for Yoga, Working Out & to OVERCOME insomnia! ★★ RELAX & SLEEP like you haven’t in a LONG time! ★ Relax Melodies Meditation is the ideal assistant to help you create an ambience of…

MindCore LTD
  Meditate – Meditation Timer

Meditation is the best inner development method ever discovered.Train your mind, calm your thoughts, analyze them and get deep inner insight of yourself.By meditating, your body heals faster, brain runs smoother, thoughts begin to organize themselves. You start to clarify your existence. This is the app that gives you full control of your self development…

Amanix Labs
  Zen Breath Meditation

This powerful software will remind you of when to breathe! It is said that a true Qigong Master breathes only five times per minute. You too can breath like a Qigong Master, but without the need to count the seconds between each interval. Designed for deep meditation, enhanced focus and anti-stress, the Zen Breath Meditation…

  Relax & Meditation Sounds

Want to relax ? to fall asleep better? here is the great appwith over 100 relaxation sound of: + High Quality+ Mix And Play together each sound you want+ Different volume bar for each song+ Set timer to stop music when you fall asleep and save battery Want More and deep relaxation? to relief from…

Mental Workout Inc.
  Mental Workout

Mental Workout® is the most powerful app for improving your performance and well-being ever designed for a mobile device. Inside the app, you will find our growing lineup of programs, including Mindfulness Meditation™, Good Night™, Freedom from Stress™, and Up in Smoke™ – all of which are designed by leaders in psychology and technology. “Finally,…

  Meditate ॐ OM

A simple, no-nonsense Meditation Timer, Trainer & Helper for chanting various powerful Hindu & Buddhist mantras. Care has been taken to provide the most accurate versions of these ancient mantras. These time-tested vedic Om mantras will help you meditate, rlax your mind and body and uplift your soul. Om (AUM) is regarded as the eternal…

  Dharma Meditation Trainer

Dharma Meditation Trainer is a new and more elegant version of our old and popular Buddhist Meditation Trainer. Dharma Meditation Trainer is your personal trainer for relaxing and enlightening meditation. It features 10 levels of enlightenment with deeper quotes to meditate on in every level. All with a simple to use meditation timer. Simply start…

  Buddhist Meditation Trainer

Buddhist Meditation Trainer is your personal trainer for relaxing and enlightening meditation. It features 10 levels of enlightenment with deeper quotes to meditate on in every level. All with a simple to use meditation timer. Simply start meditating for 5 minutes everyday to feel the difference. After ten days you will gain a level and…

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