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10 Best Android Space Shooter Games
  Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter

Please try the demo version before buying the game to avoid compatibility issues. ★★★★★★★★★★ We created this game as a tribute to the old-school manic shooters (aka bullet hell or danmaku) but enhanced with a modern, touch based game-interface and easy to read HD graphics. As gamers ourselves, our first goal was to create a…

  Space Trooper USA

Kill an army of alien spiders coming from space and destroy the asteroid they’ve nested on! It’s up to you to use your special powers and awesome weaponry to battle these vicious spiders, and save planet Earth. DescriptionEarth will soon be under attack by a vicious army of ants arriving on an asteroid from the…

  Space Shooter Ultimate

Fight against waves of alien ships in the galaxy in this fast paced shoot'em up action game similar to shmup games. – HD graphics and breath-taking explosions powered with advanced graphics engine– Boss fight at the end of each level with various mechanics of movement and shooting!– Classic retro style, fast-paced and addictive gameplay– 25…

Bitron Games
  Galaxy shooter 2: Invaders HD

Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot'em'up space war game. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorising enemy invader attack patterns.This space shooter is an exciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 120+ missions, 100+ invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. The player must also have strategy skills…

Spikepit Games
  Plasma Sky – rad space shooter

"an almost perfect example of what a modern Shmup can be" – Android Dissected "It’s an exhilarating visual treat that is the best in the App Store at delivering the classic Galaga style" – Apple'N'Apps "if you're looking for an accessible, entertaining arcade shooter it comes highly recommended." – Pocket Gamer "Underneath the visuals lay…

unlike kinds
  X Fleet: Space Shooter

Punch through the solar system and get to the bottom of the enigmatic blockade threatening the worlds of man in this epic space game. X Fleet is a fast-paced, story-based space shooter that doesn’t compromise, inspired by Tyrian and others from the golden age of space shooters. – Battle an enemy fleet of dozens of…

AXL Dynamics sp. z o.o.
  Xelorians – Space Shooter

█ Welcome to the interplanetary Xelorians – Space Shooter █ ABOUT ► Xelorians – Space Shooter is a dynamic, 90's style space shooter. It brings the space shooter genre into the XXI century. If you are an old space war stager, you should check your reflexes in this shooter again. If you like quick interplanetary…

Mangata Media
  Galaxy Shooter 2.0 Space War

Galaxy Shooter 2.0 Space War is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot'em'up action game. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorization of enemy attack patterns. The player must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific missions. *** Features:# Different alien races, hundreds of entities* to fight…

Magma Mobile

Shoot the enemy and travel through the galaxy! Shooter is the latest Magma Mobile Arcade game inspired by the famous old-school manic shooters. This Shoot 'em up (shmup or STG) will immerse you in a space environment aboard an aircraft where your goal is to shoot waves of enemies! This "bullet hell" game (also called…

Infinite Dreams
  Sky Force 2014

The mobile blaster legend is back to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in super-destructive style. Harnessing the intensity of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups combined with the hottest smartphone technology, Sky Force 2014 offers a stunning scrolling shooter experience with an incredible new social gameplay element. Ten years ago, IGN said, “Put simply, Sky Force is amazing.” Scoring…

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