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10 Best iOS Third-Person Shooter Games
Uppercut Games Pty Limited

The epic saga of post-apocalyptic robot combat continues! EPOCH 2 featured in Best Indie Games in the App Store Best of 2013! Now with Endless Arena mode – Challenge your friends on the Leaderboards! EPOCH has trekked across a war-ravaged country to find the one person he was programmed to protect: the Princess, Amelia. Now…

  Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

For the first time ever on iPhone and iPad, you can explore a truly enormous and open frontier in a Wild West full of mystery, bandits and more…unnatural enemies. Play it for free: Make your enemies pay! Buck Crosshaw never shot a man who didn’t deserve it, but now he’s an outlaw who had to…

Glu Games Inc
  Frontline Commando 2

Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popular third-person shooter, Frontline Commando! **** NOTE: The 4th Gen iPod Touch is not supported **** “… a worthy successor to Glu’s dynasty” – AppZoom “This is the sort of game you could easily play while on the bus or the subway…” – Gamezebo Betrayed and…

  EXO-Planet Elite for iPad

EXO-Planet – the first 3rd-person shooter in ZERO G! Live Multiplayer DM and CTF action over 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth!Elite players earn DOUBLE the SCRIP every match and start the game with enough scrip to immediately unlock new weapons and armor. Free yourself from the bonds of gravity. Compete in multiplayer matches against other players…

MADFINGER Games, a.s.

SHADOWGUN, enhanced MADFINGER Games 4th anniversary edition Madfinger game classic polished and ready to rumble. ****************************************************** Featured in the Rewind 2011, Benchmark Games and Gorgeous Games by Apple !!! Number one in 25 countries and Top 5 in more than 50 !!! *** Please join to our social networks and became part of MADFINGER Games…

Lake Effect Applications
  Trigger Fist

Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Trigger Fist to become FREE for a day! Forged in the minds of battle-hardened gamers, Trigger Fist delivers precisely what you want in the shooter experience. Fluid controls coupled with exceptional gameplay. “What’s Hot” – iTunes App Store (Dec 2012) “What…

Ayopa Games LLC

“…the winning combination of RPG and shooter elements make for a rewarding and engaging experience” – “…the graphics in M.U.S.E. are pretty stunning…” “…there is so much that sets this game apart from its competitors that you really can’t deny how fun the game is.” – “M.U.S.E. … ranks up there with…

Digital Legends Entertainment

Run, shoot, laugh and respawn! Join the fun with this trigger-happy, action packed, third person shooter. Play Offline or Online for FREE for endless hours of fun: complete challenges, join a team, or just kill them ALL! …you are NOT expendable, you are… RESPAWNABLE! “Win or lose, Respawnables is still an incredibly fun and addicting…

Triniti Interactive Limited
  Mad Merx: Nemesis

Download the App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Mad Merx: Nemesis to become FREE for a day! ► ► ► ► ► RUN and GUN just got a lot more FUN! call your friends (and enemies) because it’s time for MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM! ► ► ► ► ► Note: Mad Merx:…


***** Our new game METAL RACER is just released! ***** ***** Play it for FREE now!!! ***** READY TO TAKE OFF In 2100 A.D, the planet became a unified nation named “Earth Federation.” However, the unification never lasted long. Minorities were up in arms against the EF, who desperately oppose the imperialism of the EF,…

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